The Religion Factor is an initiative of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Groningen, coordinated by fellows and students affiliated with the Centre for Religion, Conflict and Globalization. We use our expertise to reflect on religion as a (controversial) element of public life and welcome contributions from other scholars eager to engage in conversation around this theme. The Religion Factor provides a platform for scholarly analysis alongside reflection, discussion and exchange.

We want to create a post-secular space where people can be clear about their religious or non-religious identity, whether secular, atheist, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jedi – and every other perspective besides. (What do we mean by post-secular space? Check out our first blog post).

Our goal is to write about religion in a way that is inquisitive, socially  relevant, thought-provoking and maybe even a little bit revolutionary.

Join us for an experiment in post-secular public debate.


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